Agricultural Services Ltd


Agricultural Services Ltd        

Bay of Plenty Agricultural Contractors

Our Agricultural Contracting includes: Power Harrowing, Rotary Hoeing, Discing, Ploughing, Grain Harvesting, Roller Seeding, Top Side Dressing and Chemical Spraying.

Litchfields are Agricultural Contractors and produce quality Maize Grain Products. With a variety of Services to choose from; agricultural contracting, leasing land, delivering fertiliser, & supplying & delivering maize directly to the farm, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Litchfields Agricultural Services is a family owned and operated company established first by Keith Litchfield in 1981, but who began operations in 1972. Now his three sons William, Michael, and Gavin Litchfield control the operation.

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Why Maize? Why Us?

-We locally grow and supply our maize so its price and supply is not subject to exchange rate and overseas demand.

-Maize provides higher energy levels than other feed products.

-Maize is slowly digested in the cows rumen (the starch from maize is less readily fermentable as the starch from other grains) which decreases the acidosis risk.

-Maize has higher starch content than other meal products which drives higher milk protein percentages.

-We can deliver straight to your silo in our Auger Truck.

-We can deliver frequent smaller quantities than other companies.

-We provide kibbled and whole maize.

LITCHFIELDS | Animal Feeds

Maize can be feed to a variety of animals: 

Whole Maize: Pigs (when it has been soaked overnight), Sheep, Deer, Goats

Kibbled Maize: Cows, Pigs, Poultry (Chickens, Ducks, Pheasants, Turkey, Geese, Quail). Deer, Sheep, Goats

Mixed Feeds: Mixed Feeds are good for any number of animals with the correct mix. Combine supplements, Maize, and other Grains with Palm Kernel and Molasses. Please inquire for more information.