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AUGER TRUCK (Silo Filler)

This truck has a capacity of approximately 10.5 ton Whole Maize and 8.5 ton Kibbled Maize. It can reach into a 7.5m silo.

BULK TRUCK & TRAILER CARTAGE (with grain doors)

We have two bulk trucks to cart the maize to the local Maize Drier in Te Puke. We cart other goods such as fertiliser as well.


We have a Toyota 4WD vehicle equipped with up to 1000 Litre tank capacity and 10 metre self leveling boom, for applying pre-emergence and post-emergent chemical before and after planting. Our spray rig is also ideal for spraying out paddocks for dairy farmers.




We have a 4-furrow plough and a five furrow semi-mounted plough.




This roll seed roller plants grass seeds over cultivated ground


PLANTING | Maize Grain | Maize Silage

We plant maize for GRAIN & SILAGE. We have two, 6 row John Deere planters, with self loading augers. These augers can load bulk fertiliser from our bulk trucks without awkward manhandling. It is cheaper using bulk fertiliser.


Fertilizing of maize in its initial flush of growth is important and we have a purpose build machine for this task, it lighty cultivates and spreads fertiliser right beside the plant so that the plant can readily draw the nutrients up, ensuring greater productivity.

We can also broadcast with a Twin-Spinner spreader.

Helicopter spreading of urea is anotther option, which has proved to be a good alternative especially if ground conditions are too wet or the crop has grown too high for the conventional means of side dressing.


Maize is harvested with our 4WD John Deere 9550 combine fitted with an 8 Row head. A John Deere rubber track system is available if ground conditions are wet and soft at harvest time.



We provide Terms that suit you.

We clear land and make it workable, developing your land over time. 

We are realiable and consistent with prompt payments.

We provibe both short term and long term lease agreements.

Kiwifruit Dairying

Our machinery allows us to do a variety of other jobs, including pasture renovation and we can aid in ground preparation for kiwifruit development. We also rotary hoe and clean up ground after the removal of shelter belts, in kiwifruit orchards.


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